KOZUVA family started its commercial activities in 1955. Now KOZUVA has 8 companies in 8 different activity fields. Our companies work in order to add value for our country and the world by sharing years of business experience.

● Improvement of our Quality Management System to conform international standards.

● Total Quality Management in our group of companies to reach their goals with impressive team spirit

● Reassessment of our workflow and processes to improve our performance management system.

● Promotion of personal development of the staff with trainings and participating in international fairs, seminars, meetings.

● Optimizing our costs to offer the high-quality services and products.

● The Priority is our Customers.

● Our business concept is the combination of traditional trade spirit and modern management methodologies.

● We take an active role in the initiatives that add value to the humanity.

● We always give priority to the ethical values​​.

● We reserve the highest level of efficiency with a right strategy and a good planning.

● Not only to exist in the sectors where we continuously improve ourselves, but to be the best as well.

● To be at the forefront with our innovative and special business approach.

● We consider the continuous customer satisfaction as our essential task by providing high-quality services.

● Seeing the social and the natural life among our responsibilities, we pursue sensitive policies in the social and environmental issues.