Adem KOZUVA, who began his commercial activities in 1955, having carefully analyzed the economic balances in Turkey, took an active role in different sectors in 2000s.

KOZUVA Group of Companies

KOZUVA family started its commercial activities in 1955 with a grocery shop managed by Adem KOZUVA, and since then it has continued to act in various industries like farming, food wholesale, transportation.

At the end of the 1980’s, in parallel with the process of globalization in Turkey, KOZUVA, foreseeing the potential changes in Tirakya, gave a different direction to its business and started to invest in the field of construction.

In the early 1990’s, with the contribution of the new generation, the necessary steps have been taken to elevate professionalism of the group companies, established during this timetable. Accordingly, the business moved to wholesale and formation of a retail chain in western Turkey and played an active role in the domestic and the foreign markets. In recent years, Kozuva Group has invested in airport operation business and information technologies as a demand of our time.

"We have been investing for the future with the yesterday's know-how and the opportunities of the day..."

Having completed the necessary technical and institutional modernization in line with the changing needs and increasing demands in the 21st century, KOZUVA family also incorporated with new companies which should undertake the same activities, and with its projects in the construction of modern housing, it has made a distinguished name for itself in a very short time. The Group, in addition to its activities in the field of construction, also stepped into the textile sector, and soon achieved its goals in this area and began to make export to many countries in the world.